Thursday, January 14, 2010

The eyes have it

Isn't it about time in our all scienced up, medical world for poor vision to go the way of the dodo bird?  I mean seriously.  Shouldn't we be able to fix this stuff from birth by now of something?

I have worn glasses since the fourth grade.  I got my Mom's crappy genes in the eye department. (Sorry for the harshness there, but she would totally agree with me.)  When you're a kid and your eyes start to go you squint a lot and think that's going to solve the problem until some well meaning teacher asks you if you can see the board and the next thing you know you're being called "four eyes."  And really, why is that such an insult? 

When I was in high school I had glasses that were almost as big as my entire face. I look at pictures now and cannot believe no one told me I looked like George Romero and for god's sake to buy some smaller frames.

Hello there, aren't I cute?

 I finally got contacts in  college and have never looked back.  I just prefer to wear them then my glasses.  (No, I don't have the Romero frames anymore.)  But then about three months ago my right eye started to be a little blurry.  I wear disposable lenses, so figured it was time to put a new lense in.  Except that didn't help.  Then I noticed it was blurry even when I was wearing my glasses so I went to the eye doctor, expecting them to give me a new prescription and send me on my way.

But, no.  Apparently, my eyes aren't being "contoured" enough in the soft lenses and I need to use something harder.  As in, hard lenses.  Now for those of you who have never experienced any kind of poor eyesight, you can probably not relate - so let me try to describe it this way.  Imagine a big piece of glass sitting on top of you eyeball.  Got it?  Okay, good.  My doctor puts a lense on to "give it a try" and I'm telling you, I actually got a little sick to my stomach.  I told him I couldn't do it and he said, Well that's okay because there are new hybrid lenses that are hard in the middle, but soft around the edges!  We try some.  I can deal.

My lenses came in this week.  I go to get them and be sure that everything is a go.  They are a little uncomfortable, but definitely something I can get used to.  And I can see! Crisp and clear for the first time in several months.  Happy sigh.  Except when I go to check out and find out they are $400 f*cking dollars A PAIR!  Oh, and?  They are only good for six months.  GAH!  $800 frigging dollars a year - plus the cost of the stupid saline solution!!!!  What a racket.

I am SO looking into lasik surgery. You know, so they can take more of my money.


lisa said...

I've always been unable to wear contacts so I'm stuck with glasses.

Eveyone in my family is able to wear contacts - even my 12 year old. But, Mom needs the glasses.

So unfair.

Christy said...

But, it's only once, right? Hopefully? (Lasik, I mean.) My husband wears glasses and contacts, so he can relate. I am super fortunate to have perfect vision, still. I'm sure one day I'll have to deal with glasses though...

minivan soapbox said...

I've always worn glasses...For distance mostly. Can't drive, watch movies, etc, without them. Tried contacts once in my 20's...just.couldn' I swear to you - I walked around for three days with two contacts in one eye.

Logical Libby said...

I should wear glasses, but instead I just close one eye when I need to see something far away.

It works.

bernthis said...

I just started to wear glasses a year ago. I made it 43yrs. My friend had lasik and is veerrryyy happy

Captain Dumbass said...

It might be cheaper to just hire somebody to guide you around.

magnoliaamber said...

you can't do too much Lasik, remember that:)

Hope the new lenses go well! Great that you've visited ur optometrician long time ago. i only have my first visit last month and now I have verious eyedrop: to moist my eye and to reduce the eye pressure.

Ah. Troublesome.

Carolyn...Online said...

I just keep pushing the papers farther and farther back from my face.

Vic said...

Probably I should visit an eye doctor at some point - I've just been telling myself it's all the pollution in the air that's making things fuzzy.

I'm not enjoying the idea of something "contouring" my eyeball. Too squeezy.