Thursday, August 19, 2010


Well hi there!  (If anyone still bothers to read this after such a hiatus)  Sorry to have been away so long - although not sorry since a good chunk of the time away was spent on vacation, baby!  (Well, okay, it was only a week - but still - vacation, baby!)

My whole, huge family - 27 in all, which includes the 13 grandkids - 12 of which are 7 or younger, four of which are two and three of which are one...Ha! Seriously, it was really a vacation.  Big hawge house on the beach, big week-long party for kids and adults alike.  And now I will bore you with some pictures.  Because I can.

There was a pink piano (that's Pixie pretending that she can play)

There were attempts at golf (Wonderboy doesn't quite have the hang of it yet...)

There were several nights of dress-up.  Because really, what better time is there to wear your tutu or Ariel costume if not on vacation?


And don't think the boys didn't join in as well!  WB likes to mix things up a bit, combining Iron Man and Pirates.


And there were sunsets like this.  Sigh.

Oh!  And matching t-shirts.  Hello, adorableness!

I took over 900 pictures, so really, you should be thankful that you only have to look at these!  And now it's back to reality - man, what a drag.  Will try to catch up with everyone soon!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

You are NOT invisible

Dear old man in the Stop and Shop parking lot,

While I applaud your sense of personal grooming - a habit that we all should pay attention to - I do not think your car is the best place to be violently pulling at your ear hair in the hopes that it will come out.  Firstly, because that works much better with a handy little device called a tweezer (seriously, they are not that expensive).  And secondly, unless you are in the back of a limo or have those fancy tinted windows, EVERYONE CAN SEE YOU!

What is it about being in your car that makes people think they cannot be seen by other people? I myself, have occasionally fallen into this trap.  Except I know I do it and don't really care.  In fact, I kind of like the idea of someone having a little laugh at my air-guitaring expense if it means I've brightened their day a bit.

But I can tell you this - watching someone pull at their ear hair really did not brighten my day.