Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lawn Zen

Or the things that go through my mind while mowing our lawn.  I should preface by saying that we haven't mowed our lawn in close to a month. I KNOW!  Thank god we don't have a neighborhood association as I'm sure they would have been burning us in effigy.  Although that may have helped slow the lawn growth.

The reason it has gone on so long is that we are just crazazy busy and it's been mother-lovin' hot and when we finally get home the very, very last thing either the Mr. or I want to do is mow the damn lawn.  So we've been ignoring it.  But last night, I could do it no more.  So after setting the lawn mower on its very highest wheel height, I ventured into the meadow with my Sony discman blasting the Blues Brothers - which is my lawn-mowing soundtrack. 

Yes, I did say Sony discman.  I do not own an I-pod like the rest of the known world.  And, about fifteen minutes in, when the batteries on my awesome portable disc player died? And we had no replacements? I was seriously cursing the I-Podless situation.  Damn thing cut out right in the middle of Aretha Franklin too.

So I was left to my own wandering thoughts. First of which was that I am unwittingly now a snail murderer.  Remember that movie with the evil frogs?  I just remember the end shot with the big old house covered in frogs. That's sort of what our lawn looked like.  Long blades of grass with snails.  I think I mowed over about a million snails.  Wiped out entire colonies.  Poor things, never knew what hit them.  I hope they don't organize and come after us.  *shudder*

Did anyone else go through a stage in...maybe middle school...where "riddles" were popular?  Two of the ones I thought of last night were, "The music stopped, and she died."  And the other one, "A guy is dead (why they all involved dead people, I'm not sure) in a room locked from the inside. There is nothing in the room except the dead body and a puddle of water.  How did he die?"  Those were some real brain teasers.  Why they suddenly came to mind while I was mowing the lawn, I have no idea.  Maybe it was all the snail murder going on.

I thought about my lack of blogging this summer.  And decided not to get too het up about it.  Been there - done that.  Doin' what I can.

The Pixie and WB were inside watching a Power Rangers movie while I was out mowing and she came out periodically to tell me a)She was hiding in the closet during the scary parts b)She was now having a picnic on the living room floor and c) she just wanted to give me a kiss.  Awwwwwww.

Finally - what a total sense of accomplishment you get from mowing the lawn.  It's something so tangible, you know?  First - it's an ankle-high crab-grass fest and then, at the end?- it's all lovely rows.  Covered in snail remnants.  Pretty!

Oh. And ten points to anyone who can figure out the riddles.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I fucked up at work today.  Pretty badly.  Not "You're fired" badly, but bad enough. It was just something stupid, really.  Not seeing the big picture.  But man, seeing that look in my boss' eyes.  It's like disappointing my father; I just want to crawl into a hole and disappear. 

I managed not to actually cry at work though - 'cause that's always fun.  As soon as I was out and able to call the Mr. though - the tears started flowing.  Yet another moment when I wish to god I wasn't so emotional.  And here I gnash my teeth when the WB starts up.  Hellllooooo, genes.  Are there emotional genes?  Let's just say yes and call it a day.

I have to say though - I feel very, very sorry for people who don't have some sort of support system when they get home.  Because nothing in the world will make you forget about your dismal work situation then your 4yr old daughter telling you when you pick her up from pre-school that, "You're the best, Mama."  Or having your husband come home with open arms for a big, long hug (and a bottle of wine too!)

And yes, even though I remain a little weepy, I'll get through it.  I'll toe the line at work (must google where that phrase came from. And shouldn't spell-check recognize "google" by now?  Ah-ha.  Apparently it does recognize it if you capitalize the "G" - and just for that, I'm not.)  I do really need to get my focus together with the work factor.  Maybe this is the wake up call I need.  That and the realization that I should really, probably, finally, after all these years find myself a good therapist and get my shit together!!!  (Part of that whole 39 year thing.)

Anyhoots - sorry, this post is kind of all over the map.  Much like my brain of late.  Har-dee-har-har.  Enough about me, how was your day?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Freakin' Fourth!!

It's 12:24am.  I have to be at work by 7am tomorrow.  But check it out you all, I just finished this beauty!

Right?  I mean come on!  (Fabulous cake recipe found at Pioneer Woman.)

Also?  Our town hosts a really big parade and also a Drum Corps show.  So last night when we pulled up to our driveway, this was across the street:

Awwww yeah, baby.  I loves me the Fourth of July! I get all weepy when the soldiers go by in the parade.  I clap along to the amazing marching bands (really, that's not an oxymoron.)  I bow down to the Mr. since he usually has the 5am duty of going and securing us a prime "spot."  And don't even get me started on how much the kids love it.

Hope everyone has a fabulous and SAFE holiday!  Kisses!