Monday, May 16, 2011


My first official 5k race time.  I've kept up with it, have run that distance more then once, actually.  But the first race is definitely something I will never forget.  My sister C. and good friend J. ran with me.  (They are "real" runners.  I still feel like a bit of a pretender. Which I know I'm not really - but J. has run the NYC marathon for heaven's sake and C. has finished a triathlon and is training for a half marathon. You get the idea.) 

They stayed with me and my slow pace though, even if they were chatting the entire time! Even up a damn hill that left me huffing and puffing.  But we finished strong, and together.  Even though the race results had C. finishing two minutes behind me. HA!

My first race number.  I thought it was a good one.  Thirty-one was a good year.

I plan to have another one in June, and hopefully just keep adding to the pile.