Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's time

I'm ready.  Ready to shake the dust of this year off my heels.  Ready to maybe hopefully definitely make some changes.  I've never really been one to do the whole "New Year's Resolution" thing.  At least not seriously. And that's not what I'm doing now.  But I feel a bit like I'm standing on the edge.  The edge of a line where I look behind me and see...well, mostly good things.  There are a lot of bumps - some were unavoidable, most were human error - I know those will still happen, I'm not naiive.  I also know however, that some things truly need to change if we want to be better.  I was going to write "happier" there - but that's not the right word.  We are mostly happy now. 

When I look forward from the edge on which I stand I see...possibility.  I also see an uphill battle.  It won't be easy to change.  It never is.  But I'm at a point in my life where I feel like I have to do something.  In six months I will be 39.  I've always known it would be a momentous year in my life.  It was the last year of life for my Mom.  She never made it to her fortieth birthday.  It's something of a talisman to me.  As I've gotten closer and closer to that mark I've begun to realize that if I want things to be better I need to make them better.  No one is going to come along and hand me a sack of dreams fulfilled.

Will I fail and fall down and (as Vodka Mom is wont to say) f*ck up every day?  Of course.  No question about that, really.  But I want better.  I'm ready for better.  I'm ready to open my eyes, take a deep breath, and step from the edge.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Take a break

Like many, things are a bit hectic and crazy for me right now.  Trying to get everything accomplished on my long list (that doesn't seem to be getting any shorter, by the way)  is keeping me up at night.  I have been neglecting this blog and feel like I should have half a dozen posts stored up in my brain, but for some reason every time I sit down to try to write something I come up empty. So instead of putting something half assed together (which would be totally something I would do so unlike me), I thought I'd provide a little break from the "stress" everyone talks about.  I've been addicted to the soundtrack to the Blues Brothers for about a year now.  It is my go-to music when I need a lift.  I hope you enjoy the following.  I dare you to listen and not start tapping your feet.  Merry, Merry!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

We're thinking retirement

So here's the thing.  You know how vampires are all wicked popular now, right?  Not popular like in my day, when Anne Rice was the coolest vampire thing going and you had to slog through pages and pages of teeny tiny print describing ancient New Orleans.  Not to knock Anne Rice.  I loved those books.  And dreamed of somehow becoming a vampire before any of this Team Edward-Team Jacob malarky. 

My real point here (which is actually not to sound like a high minded octegenarian), is that I think we may have hit the lottery.  I'm pretty sure the Pixie is on her way to vampirism.  (Is that a word?) My evidence:

Exhibit A:  Girlfriend is a night owl.  We put her to bed at a normal time, usually 7:30 to 8. She will stay in her crib (um, yeah. She's 3.5 and still in her crib. What of it?)  and talk to herself or her animals, "read" books and generally hang out until late.  I'm talking ten o'clock late!  The other night I was reading in the living room and I hear her singing to herself.  I get up and look at the clock, 9:45.  I go closer to listen to what she is singing and really got a laugh.  "Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg..."  Hilarious. 
She also hates getting up in the morning.  That might be because she isn't going to bed until I do, but it is not unusual for her to sleep until 10 to 10:30 even!

Exhibit B:  Now I know this picture is kind of grainy because I had to blow it up - but check out these teeth!

I mean seriously!  I think I could rest my case on those babies alone!  (She's either headed to vampirism or beaverism...oh, I'm kidding.)

I will give you that she does reflect in mirrors and she can go out in the sun and all - without sparkling.  But surely vampires have figured out how to get past that problem by now, right?  Maybe if I'd actually read those Twilight books I might have learned that secret. Regardless of all that - don't you think this is a golden opportunity?  I think I should write to Hollywood and send a picture of those teeth along.  We could be set for life!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Land of the Living

omigod, I'm like, finally alive!  The day after I got home from the FL trip - November 18th to be exact - I started getting sick.  I was sick all through that weekend, fever and all. That broke on the following Monday, so I thought I was on the mend. Uh, wrong.  I thought it was some cold/flu type thing and that I just had to man up and get through it.  Finally, after a week and a half of congestion and coughing and miserableness, the Mr. insisted I go to the doctor.  Don't get me wrong, I am not one of those people who steer clear of doctors - I just thought they were going to tell me it was viral and there was nothing to do about it.

So I finally go.  Only to find out I have double ear infections (what am I, six months old?) and a sinus infection.  Nice.  But here we are, five days and a Z-pack later and I finally remember what it feels like to feel good! Hooray for antibiotics and cough medicine with codeine! 

Of course now I have to face the world and do things like laundry and apparently the people who pay me expect me to do some kind of work or something.  Phht. Like I have time for that.  So I'm way late on catching up on things like emails and blogs and starting to panic about Christmas, etc, etc. Good times. 

At least I'm healthy!  And let me tell you, I can really appreciate that now.  So be sure to get your rest out there, and drink plenty of water and shit like that.  Because you don't want to be sick this time of year, it sucks.

Promise to be back to full participation soon, especially since I need confirmation that the Pixie is in fact, a vampire.