Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bah Humbug.

When I was a kid I once told my Mom that Halloween was my favorite holiday because it had my two favorite things:  Dressing Up and Candy.  That is pretty much still true today.  I don't go crazy with decorations or dressing up myself - although if invited to a party I would totally want to get a really cool costume.  Which I wouldn't be able to afford.  Anyhoots.  I sort of live vicariously through the kids now.  Carving pumpkins and getting them fun costumes makes me happy.  I'm not creative though - so we do store bought, but they can be fun too!

I can remember my Mom making me costumes as a kid.  The year I really remember though was when I was in 4th grade.  Someone had given my Mother a couple of old prom dresses, very lacy and full.  My friend Jessica and I got all decked out in them and thought we had the best costumes ever.  Years later, after Mom had passed away, my Aunt R collected together a bunch of  letters my Mom had written her over the years. In one she mentioned that Halloween and laughingly wrote how Jessica and I were going as "Ladies of the Night!"  That cracked me up.

But this year, I do not like Halloween.  Because, you see, both my husband and I work on weekends.  And this particular Saturday, we both have to work late.  So all these people who are psyched because it's Saturday and then can have fun parties all day and build up to going out trick-r-treating and yada, yada, yada can go suck it.  My In-Laws are taking our kids trick-r-treating.  (Which I'm extremely grateful for - don't get me wrong.)  But it's not me.  And that sucks.  I'm trying to get myself out of the funk and remember it's only ONE year.  But I'm not there.  And that sucks.  So I'm a bit of a Scrooge today.

Here is a picture of my front steps as I left the house this morning at 9am.

Considering how lame our neighborhood is, most or all of that candy will probably still be there when I finally get home with the kids at 9pm.  Which is the only silver lining I got going right now.  *sigh*

BUT - Halloween is still great, and I do hope all of you get to enjoy the day and night! Be safe and have fun!


Captain Dumbass said...

Too bad Halloween wasn't every day. I'd always dress like a storm trooper.

Susan said...

Rats! But hey, at least you get to eat all the candy when you get home.

Which reminds me... I have things to do.

Miss Yvonne said...

The year my son got too old to go trick or treating was a sad Halloween for me. I loved taking him.

We didn't get any trick or treaters last night. Lame!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I hear you about the costumes. My mom always made us great costumes. I have been putting my sons in Target superhero pjs for three years now... Why did I never learn to sew??

for a different kind of girl said...

I have never been very good about coming up with costumes for my kids, or myself for that matter. When the clearance sales kick in on them, I buy a couple and hope they'll fit the boys the following year, and that's what they've come to expect.

They've also come to expect that they must hide any 100 Grand bars they get while trick-or-treating because I'll steal them from them when they get home!

Carolyn...Online said...

Your in-laws are awesome and just think how fun it is for them to get to go trick-or-treating with the kids. It sucks it wasn't you but you are sweet to share them.

bernthis said...

you know, it's funny, this was the first Halloween in a long time where I actually got into it and wore a costume.

It's one night and although I know you felt badly at least it wasn't Christmas or their birthday.

Laggin said...

I LOVED dressing up my kids and making the costumes every year. I made up evil mommy rules so that they couldn't have store bought costumes and I'd have to make them. (Yes, I know. But I LOVED doing it.) And how do they repay me? By growing up and being so big I have to say things like, "I don't think teenagers trick-or-treating is a good idea." And when I say it a little bit of me dies. :(

Octopunk said...

Our mom made me a brown, hooded cloak that I wore for several Halloweens in a row, right up until I got too old for it (sophomore year of high school, maybe?). I would switch up the mask and other adornments but always top it with that cape. I asked her to sew in huge pockets so I could gather candy without having to carry a bag or pillowcase. That rocked.

I knew of a really good grown-up party going on very near my house, and I have an old costume I could have trotted out, but I blew it off to stay home and watch movies. The boy's too young for T&Ting yet, and I reserve the right to be tired. Next year, next year.

Christy said...

Cute pumpkins, and I'm so sorry you weren't able to trick or treat with the kids. Maybe next time Halloween falls on a weekend, you'll just have to take a sick day! ha!