Monday, February 1, 2010

Moments with the Pixie

(Ms. Picket threw down the gauntlet last week to do 5 posts in 5 days.  Just mentioning that because a)She's awesome and you should check her out if you don't know her and b) explaining why I'm posting so damn much this week!)

You know time goes by so fast with the kiddos.  You think you are going to remember everything adorable or funny they said, and then a month later you can't recall what you had for breakfast yesterday,  nevermind what cute things your kids have been babbling. And that, my friends, was quite a sentence!

So I wanted to record here some of the things the Pixie - in all her 3 and a half-ness - has been saying of late.  One of my favorites is "Lellow."  As in, "I see a lellow bus!"  She doesn't seem to have trouble with other "y" words.  But lellow has remained a staple.

Also, there is a street near us that is named "Mount Hope."  This has morphed into "Hount Mope."  Which I ask her to say about five times in a row because it cracks me up so much.

Then there are the ways in which she suddenly seems so much bigger.  Tonight we went to the grocery store.  As we were waiting at the light to turn into the parking lot I said, "I like the grocery store."  Pixie responded, "I like the grocery store too, Mom."  It just sounded like such a big kid sentence.

Also tonight as I was putting her to bed, I had to retrieve her "princess blanket" from downstairs.  I turned off the light and said I'd be right back with the blanket.  As I'm walking out of the room she says, "Hey, what's the big idea?"  And she really stretches out that "ideeeeeeee-uh."

Okay, one more.  To the Pixie, everything happened "yesterday."  Whether it was her birthday last year or the 4th of July parade or Christmas.  All of it happened yesterday.  No sense of time whatsoever.

She's a hoot.  Her three's have not been nearly the nightmare we experienced with her brother.  I really don't want her to grow up.  I know that's silly, but she's SO sweet (mostly) right now and all huggy and into Mommy.  I want to keep that.  So I'm keeping a bit here.  So when she's a raging teenage brat I can look back and remember, just like it was yesterday.


idgtm said...

And they do grow up fast but each stage is really great.

I think the 5-8 range was the worst for us so enjoy her 3ness.

Vic said...

I miss those days sometimes - my son used to love chips with "Broccomoli" on them (guacamole).

Pixie sounds adorable.

Stacia said...

Whew, our house is definitely in the throes of the threes. But your post is a reminder to take a deep breath and focus on the funny. Thanks!

for a different kind of girl said...

I thought we'd (sadly) outgrown all the little verbal quirks around here now that the boys are a bit older, but lately, I've discovered that isn't the case. My oldest, who is edging dangerously close to 13 (pause a moment to freak out about that...) is hung up on Salisbury steak lately because my husband bought a ton of cheap frozen meals for them one day and that was in the mix. Every night, the kid asks me for salsaberry steak. To be honest, both options sound disgusting to me!

Melanie said...

your right it does go by too fast, mine are now 8 and 10, and getting "too old" (in their words) for so many things......

The Floydster said...

My great niece is 3 years old. Her mama had a baby in June and just recently found out they're pregnant again. Camden was having trouble understanding that. "Do you mean Braelynn [the newest-born] is going to come out of your tummy again?" No, replied my niece, "Braelynn is here and going to stay here. We're going to have another baby." Camden thought about it for a moment, and said, in the most "are you kidding me voice" - "You mean, you have ANOTHER baby in your tummy?"

Three-year-olds rock!

msprimadonna67 said...

My youngest daughter's favorite color was (and is) lellow! Although she eventually threw a y into the word, it was a long time coming, and I've got to admit I thought it was adorable how she said it before she learned it correctly: )

carissajaded said...

Awww what a cutie!! I used to say lelllow. haha I love it. Sometimes kids are so cute.

Octopunk said...

Hount Mope, I love it!

My guy (19 mos.) is obsessed with buses, trucks and fire engines. Lately he says "Bus! See Bus?" over and over in the car. Other trucks and fire engines are all called "wee wee!" We're guessing that comes from siren noises but it's just a guess. The refrain that comes from the back seat a lot these days is "Baybee see wee wee!" I think that's "I see a truck" but again, just a guess. (He says "Baybee" when he wants to watch videos of himself on our computers, phones or cameras.)

His "s" noise is basically a rasberry, so he sounds like Sylvester the Cat.

Hug that Pixie for me! She rules.