Tuesday, February 2, 2010

There must be another way!

Part of my big plan for this year was to work on eating healthier and doing something more active with my body then going up and down the stairs carrying a laundry basket.  At some point last year I had purchased a book - The Best Life Diet - by Oprah's guy.  I picked it up the other night and started reading.  It's interesting, he really wants you to take a more thorough examination of why you eat what you eat, yada, yada, yada and really makes the point that the idea of this is for the rest of your life. All very good things.

Phase One has you not cutting your diet by a great deal, but you do have to give up six foods, soda, eating before bed...and some other stuff.  I haven't finished that chapter.  But they sounded reasonable.  Generally eating better, but not going crazy on the restrictions.  Again, sounded like something I could achieve.

I realized the next day as I was grocery shopping with Pixie, I am really going to need to figure out something else.  Because when that four pack of Cadbury Creme Eggs called my name.  Oh, and they did call to me, I was powerless to resist them.  (Total unofficial poll here - yea or nay on the CC Eggs?  I feel people either love them or hate them.)  Not only was I not able to resist their sweetly sugared call, I surreptitiously ate one on the way home!  Managing to maneuver it out of it's cardboard packaging and it's loud crinkly foil with Pixie being none the wiser.  (I really wasn't kidding about that Do As I Say thing.)

So what is my something else?  Well clearly it's got to be getting off my arse and exercising.  If I'm not going to be able to curb the sweet tooth, and let's face it, I don't want to!  Then physical labor is where it's at.  Of course I have lots of excuses for not doing that to...gym is too expensive, TV is broken (yes, still), it's like the frozen tundra outside.  But something has got to give.  And I really don't want it to be the button on my pants.

Taking any and all suggestions on what forms of exercise might have worked for people in the past.  I know what my dear Serena at Zip-n-Tizzy will say, (she of the yoga-firmed abs) but I'm curious to hear if anyone else has had success with one thing or another.

And now, I'm seriously off to go sit in my bed and watch The Biggest Loser.  Does anyone else think that chick on the red team is a total beyotch?


MsPicketToYou said...


I am bringing a puppy into our home so I can get off my fat ass...

Ideas? girl, please.

(but good luck)

Octopunk said...

Yeah, it sucks. I knocked off some pounds before the holidays with Weightwatchers Online, then blew it all off until I got home from Xmas vacation. Somehow I'd only gained three of those pounds back, so I've used the past few weeks to gain some more.

I only got back on the program this past Sunday and I'm kind of hating life. Well, food life. It sucks in the beginning, then I get used to it a little, then I slide back and it sucks to begin again. So far I've managed to still make progress with the back-and-forth, but I don't look at the graph the robot makes for you because it's an embarrasingly horizontal line most of the time.

(Also because I don't tell it when I slip and gain weight; I just work myself back to where I was before I tell it anything. I don't lie, but it's not full disclosure either.)

My advice? I think it only works when you really pay attention to it, which, yes, will make you want to scream sometimes. Maybe it's about easing up on the "rest of your life" part. I can't say that my stop-and-go (and reverse) method is recommended, exactly, but it does ease the grim notion of endless years of celery and lentils stretching ahead of you.

Used to love Cadbury eggs, now not so much. But I do love the Cadbury mini-eggs. Oh God I wish I had some right now.

for a different kind of girl said...

Hold up! Easter candy is in the stores already?! Now I have to do all I can to steer clear of Reece's Eggs as I fight the call of Reece's hearts?! GAH!

Last weekend, thanks to sales and some good coupons, I bought, ahem, five big bags of M&Ms. There are only four bags in the house now, but I seriously have to give my husband and I props - we actually MEASURED out serving sizes and ate those rather than dumping half the bag in our greedy paws and eating them (and perhaps growling like rabid dogs if the other dared steal any from each other because we finished first!)! We were very proud of ourselves, and I think had we spent a few more minutes discussing, in utter shock and horror the size of an actual serving versus what we normally would have eaten, our craving would have passed and we'd have forgotten about the candy altogther!

I'm on week three of healthy eating now. Well, healthy most of the time, but tracking everything so I know that if we haven't been healthy, I just have to turn the lights off on the day. The working out needs to ease back in, for sure. I've honestly had the most success with TurboJam DVDs. They're only available to order online or on Amazon, and its a mix of cardio/kickboxing, and the program is honestly so much fun that you find you're done working out before you know it.

Stacia said...

I am a Cadbury addict. Some days around Easter, I have a Cadbury (or, um, two) for every meal. I kid you not.

On a serious note, what worked for me was running. I'm not especially athletic or coordinated, but running lets me challenge myself and not worry about winning/losing. But I absolutely get that running is not for everyone. Keep trying things till you find "your thing." I have friends who swear by their Wii Fits. Maybe that's an option out there in the tundra?